Professional Freestyle windsurfer


One of things I've really got into since becoming a Professional windsurfer is the production of videos. Its such a vital tool for promoting my sponsors and I've really enjoyed everything to do with making them. Not all of them are edited by me (the better ones wont of been)! So I'll split them into two sections!

My videos

Max Rowe K 20 in Britain 2011 from Max Rowe on Vimeo.

Videos featuring me! 

Team Fanatic & North in Brazil from Josh Willmot on Vimeo.

Gringos In Braziu from Andraž Žan on Vimeo.

Mix & Match from Bryan Metcalf-Perez on Vimeo.

OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW from Josh Willmot on Vimeo.

Whitstable Street 10-15mph from Josh Willmot on Vimeo.

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