Professional Freestyle windsurfer

Saturday, 16 October 2010

1st Days in Jeri Video + Pictures!

So after around 30 hours travelling I finally made it back to the beautiful Brazillian village Jericoacoara. I was tempted to get the bus for the last part of the journey but when Chico Bento e-mailed me offering a ride in his new 4x4 I couldnt resist. In true Jeri fashion its been windy everyday so far and have even been using my 3.9 the last few days. We have also had a few days of waves so have been smacking the lip on my 90l freestyle board which is quite frustrating as couldnt get hold of a waveboard! Here are a few clips from a Go Pro which I borrowed from Club Dos Ventos-

Already having a minor problem with my back and foot so am going to take it easy for a few days to get back into it and make the most of the 6 weeks. The plan at the moment is to stay in Jeri for a month and then head to Icarazinho and hopefully some un-discovered spots for the last two weeks.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sylt done 21st overall for the year! Now time for Brazil

So just made it back from sunny Sylt where the last event of the season was taking place. Unfortunately we only got one day of freestyle in meaning that it would be the third event of the year without a double elimination. This just means unless you have a very good seeding its hard to get a chance to improve your ranking. I went out in the second round of the single elimination against a very good friend of mine and now the world no.6 Phil Soltysiak so I wasnt to dissapointed and it meant that I would stay in 17th place and get me enough points so I could discard my result from Ausrtia. So I finish the year with a 17th an 11th and another 17th which gets me in 21st position overall for my first year on tour.

Im feeling really focused on what moves I need to learn for next year and cant wait to get out to Jericoaoara in a few days where I will be spending the next 6 weeks !! Check out my video from there last year -