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Saturday, 16 October 2010

1st Days in Jeri Video + Pictures!

So after around 30 hours travelling I finally made it back to the beautiful Brazillian village Jericoacoara. I was tempted to get the bus for the last part of the journey but when Chico Bento e-mailed me offering a ride in his new 4x4 I couldnt resist. In true Jeri fashion its been windy everyday so far and have even been using my 3.9 the last few days. We have also had a few days of waves so have been smacking the lip on my 90l freestyle board which is quite frustrating as couldnt get hold of a waveboard! Here are a few clips from a Go Pro which I borrowed from Club Dos Ventos-

Already having a minor problem with my back and foot so am going to take it easy for a few days to get back into it and make the most of the 6 weeks. The plan at the moment is to stay in Jeri for a month and then head to Icarazinho and hopefully some un-discovered spots for the last two weeks.

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