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Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Just arrived back in Jeri after an awesome 10 days, 2 hours up the coast in Icaraizinho. The buggy adventure on the way was epic and the conditions were amazing with such a variety due to the reef and different states of tide. Wont give too much away as there will be a travel feature coming soon on Boardseeker but it was amazing! We got loads of filming done and I finally learnt a new move I've been working on for ages the Burner!! These photos are just screen shots taken from the filming but you can see the full res pictures in my Facebook album-

Massive thanks to Club Dos Ventos! Check out

It was really nice to experience some new spots and I'm sure there is so many more that are yet to be discovered on this coastline. The plan now is to spend a few days here in Jeri and then head to Camocim a river mouth about 2 hours away and stay there for 3 days. Some guys have just got back from a trip their and it sounds epic so hopefully we will get some sick footage!

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