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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Camocim! Now home..

So the end of the trip in Jeri was awesome! Together with Ali and Bryan we visited Camocim for our last few days, a river mouth a few hours up the coast. Unlike Jeri Camocim feels like a real Brazilian town with hardly any tourists it was a real experience to visit. We went to a traditional market one morning and together with Ali we were definitely the only gringos for miles and were getting some funny looks!! The sailing spot is situated over the other side of the river from the town so in the mornings we would rig up in our pousada cross the main road and sail upwind across the river to get there. It was definitely the flattest spot I've ever sailed! We filmed most the day and got some sick moves on camera including some triple combinations. To be honest it was so flat that if we werent filming it would of been really easy to get bored after landing everything I've ever done in about half an hour I was a bit like oh what now!! Also at the spot with us was the Swedish couple Anna Person and Peter Svenson who directed Four Dimensions so it was really interesting to get some of Peters creative perspective on what we were filming.

The local vibe at the spot was awesome and there was a bunch of 10-15 year old kids absolutely killing it! They were sailing on some pretty retro kit and still nailing some of the latest moves. It made me wish I had cleaned out my garage at home and brought a load of stuff for them. They only had a few sets of kit between them so they would be sat on the side waiting in turns to use it, some of them didnt even have harnesses and would still be blasting around and jumping in about 30kts! Bryan and Peter gave the kids a whole rig when we left and it was amazing to see the looks on their faces and if you visit watch out for the seriously powered up 10 year olds on a 4.5 firefly with an x9 mast!!!! I would definitely urge anyone planning on visiting the spot to take something for these kids as they have no chance of being able to afford any gear for themselves!

We spent one more day in Jeri before starting the grueling 35 hour journey back to London via Sao Paulo. All the footage is with Bryan the man behind Cold Water productions and the video should be ready around the new year and it will be sick!! We really tried to avoid making another typical Jeri video and almost didnt even film in Jeri itself!

So for me now its England for 6 weeks while I do some restaurant work to help save for the tour next year before heading back to Dahab where I will be working for Club Dahab. I have some big news that will hopefully be released in the coming weeks which I'm pretty excited about!

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