Professional Freestyle windsurfer

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Night session with Globalshots

Had an awesome night session last week! Shame my white chicken legs show up so much in the flash but didnt really think about that after the amount of beer that had been drunk! All pictures by Jay Haysey from Globalshots! Going to put a few more on during the week as its windy now..

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Vass update and return to the UK!

Had another awesome few weeks here in Vass! Last week I ended up in board repair for the week which was good fun but extremely itchy in our unventilated dungeon. But this did mean I was top of the sailing rota every day so got loads of time on the water.
This week I am currently teaching the advanced carve gybe group which is going really well and the conditions have been perfect. Just did a video session yesterday afternoon in perfect 4.7 weather so getting ready to debrief that this morning.

Beginning to seem a bit surreal that I only have one more week left out here before returning to the UK for the British championships. My Dad has just invested in a VW Transporter T5 for us to use for windsurfing purposes so pretty stoked to be driving that around when I get home.
Only home for a few weeks though and then heading to Slyt for the final PWA freestyle event of the year. I got my confirmed entry through a couple of days ago without a wildcard entry because of my overall ranking so that was a nice change!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Back in Vass!!

Just got back to Vass after an epic journey after the event finished in Fuerteventura! Finished in 9th in the second double elimination which meant I was 11th overall really happy! We had a crazy night in the tent at the closing ceremony which led to a pretty relaxed day afterwards and fortunately it wasnt windy otherwise would of been a complete waste. The day after we sailed downwind at centre 2 me and Bubble made the mistake of rigging to big and after we had lugged all the camera equipment with us it was way to much of an effort to change down, we got a bit of footage but gave up once we felt completely destroyed. After another day of filming we then decided to head back north as we were flying out of Lanzarote so we thought we would be able to sneak in a session in Costa Teguise! So we headed up to Corralejo to meet Bubbles good friend and shit hot wavesailor Will Ward. We didnt have his phone turned on so we just headed to the first windy looking beach we saw and luckilly bumped into him there! So we had a sofa for the night got settled in and decided to go out for steak and then just for "one" in Corkys bar!! Next thing we knew we were drinking rum and coke out 2 litre jugs in some club and next thing we knew was Will was late for work and we had missed our ferry to Lanzarote! Fortunately we made the lunch one but this meant no windsurfing for us...
After 2 days sleeping at Gatwick I finally made it to Kefalonia the island next to Lefkada on Sunday. Just as I thought I was back home we found out the ferries to Vass were all cancelled because it was so windy. I just made it on as a foot passenger but had to leave my good friend Greg and his Van behind. It must of been about 45kts as we were pulling into Vass and with the sounds of the car alarms going off and the greek lady crying and praying behind me I could see why they were all cancelled!