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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Vass update and return to the UK!

Had another awesome few weeks here in Vass! Last week I ended up in board repair for the week which was good fun but extremely itchy in our unventilated dungeon. But this did mean I was top of the sailing rota every day so got loads of time on the water.
This week I am currently teaching the advanced carve gybe group which is going really well and the conditions have been perfect. Just did a video session yesterday afternoon in perfect 4.7 weather so getting ready to debrief that this morning.

Beginning to seem a bit surreal that I only have one more week left out here before returning to the UK for the British championships. My Dad has just invested in a VW Transporter T5 for us to use for windsurfing purposes so pretty stoked to be driving that around when I get home.
Only home for a few weeks though and then heading to Slyt for the final PWA freestyle event of the year. I got my confirmed entry through a couple of days ago without a wildcard entry because of my overall ranking so that was a nice change!

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  1. I bet you are really pleased to have the VW Transporter, they are great to drive. All the best in Poole. Cheers Mike