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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Busy times!

I arrived back from Dahab a week a ago now and have been so busy I havnt even got round to writing this for a while! The last few weeks out in Dahab were relatively chilled with a bit of a dry spell of wind lasting for almost 10 days. However for my final week it did make a comeback and I had some decent sessions including an epic trip to the Blue Lagoon ( Ras aba Galoom ) We got dropped off at the Blue hole and walked for 1 1/2 hours before getting collected and taken to out Bedouin camp for the night. We had an awesome meal cooked for us, then camped out on the beach and awoke at 6am to this -
There was only 7 of us and we had it all to ourselves! It was full power 4.7 weather for about 3 hours until it dropped off when we just stopped for breakfast, meaning we had the rest of the day to chill out and enjoy some more amazing food including a freshly caught and cooked parrot fish that had green bones- very interesting but one of the divers didnt find it so exciting that we were eating it!!!!
After getting home from Dahab I only had a few days at home before heading up North to collect my newly pimped van thanks to More pictures and info coming soon courtesy of Once the van was packed I was off to Hayling Island for the first UKWA freestyle event of the year. Even though there was nearly no wind we still had an awesome time! I managed to win the lightwind freestyle category woop woop!!! I also come second in the tow-in which was an interesting show for the crowds on the beach as I launched into a no handed flaka and stopped dead still and got sent out the front at full speed!! Check out the gallery of pictures from Globalshots on the facebook page Globalshot pictures and the video can be seen here-
More Windsurfing Videos you can also see Dave Whites at this link-

I also managed to sneak in a session on the new ION cable park practising tow in on our windsurf kit! check out More pictures + video coming soon from that one!

Now for the epic road trip to Austria for the second PWA event of the year. Im off to Heathrow first thing to collect the boys from their Maui flight then away to Simmsys we go to pack the gear and head off. Stay tuned for some Globalshot updates of the road trip with Myself, Bubble, Jay Haysey, Adam Sims Bryan metcalf Perez and Jamie Drumond!! Should be pretty entertaining!!! Also we havnt quite figured how we are gonna make it from Austria to Rhosneigr in a day....

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

El Tur to Dahab.

Since I last wrote we had another awesome few days over in El Tur, the conditions were flat as ever and I was fully powered up on my 4.5 Ice. We got loads more filming done including some more sick action from the crane, to be honest its almost so flat that you end up getting bored quite quickly after landing all your moves for the camera so I went on to try some new stuff!! Great idea or maybe not as it turned out- a few years ago I had seen a mate of mine Jamie Gibbs do a switch move that you sail into with one hand on your hip, the move started of being called the "lazy boy" but soon ended up with the more suitably camp name " The Teapot " the screen shot below is once my hand has moved off my hip. So I landed the move within a few attempts and it was pretty entertaining as a joke move, so the next day I'm sailing into the beach in El Tur and there's a fair few spectators so I thought it would be the perfect time to bang out the " The Teapot " hahah!! So as I'm rotating around the mast I completely miss judge my hand on the boom and end up powering my bent big finger and knuckle straight into the boom!!! Ended up with one big, very sore and swolen finger/ hand!! Luckilly I topped up on the Ibuprofen and got back on the water to get the water filming done but as soon as I stopped for lunch it was too painful to head back out that afternoon. I wasnt worried as the forecast for Dahab looked like we would get a rest day.

We had the trip to Dahab perfectly planned out so that we arrived just in time for the legendary " Club Dahab party night " and after a serious amount of rum was consumed we were happy in bed for the rest of the next day waiting on the monday for some promised wind. We made the right choice as the next few days were absolutely howling! Adam and I were fully powered on 4.7's and made the trip up to Baby bay with the crane only to find out once we had assembled the crane that we were missing the crucial piece to attach the camera!!! We had a lot of footage already and after being pretty de-motivated by the crane incident we decided to do more free sailing for the next few days.