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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

NEW Simmer Blacktips!

Just stickered and rigged my new 5.1 Simmer Blacktip and it looks sick! Im heading out to Dahab on sunday at long last! Im going to stay there for a few months to train ready for the PWA event in Austria, lots of the other Club Vass guys will be there so it should be a good trip. Whilst I'm there I will also visit El Tur for a week or so and am also considering doing a trip to Eilat in Israel to go and sail with Yaaaardeen Meir!
After a lot of hard work and time spent in the gym my knee seems to have fully recovered so fingers crossed it wont be a problem in the future! I have still been warned by my physio to take it easy for the first week or so.
Check back soon because hopefully next week I will have some photos of my new boards and some news about my new Sponsorship!

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