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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Dahab update and double spock clip!

Have had an awesome last few weeks out here in Dahab since my last post. My family came out for a week and it was 4.2/4.7 weather solid so that was nice for them! Last week was mostly 5.7 weather which has been hard work after not using a sail that big since september, however it will definately be good practice for the competitions this year.
Still waiting to hear back from the PWA about my wild card for the coming event in Austria at the end of the month so keeping my fingers crossed to hear back soon. Also would be very handy so I can start booking flights and making arrangements as its only around 3 weeks away.
We did have one day of full power wind this week and we had a filming session in the super flat water spot Baby bay. The tide was really low so we managed to get an interesting angle filming next to the point, as the tide dropped lower than I'd ever seen it the water went almost milky with no ripple in sight as the exposed reef was sheltering it. As you can see in the clip I now have my Simmer Blacktips in the smaller sizes aswell and they are sick! Really well balanced and slightly lighter than my Icons they have made lots of the new school ducking moves so much easier.
After being on holiday for the last 6 weeks I am returning to the world of working tomorrow; I'm doing a week teaching for Club Dahab and it should be good fun as Southampton uni are having their annual trip so I'm sure there will be lots of partying.

Max Rowe K-448 double spock, Dahab from Max Rowe on Vimeo.

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