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Monday, 28 June 2010

Vass EFPT and White church photoshoot

Just got back from Vass late last night with Bubble and home for day before heading to lanzarote. The Last few weeks in Vass have been pretty hectic, starting with the Vassiliki/ Milos beach efpt event a few weeks ago. As I mentioned in my last post I was pretty excited about having the home advantage in this competition, with hope of getting a good result. Unfortunately my seeding wasnt great and after advancing through my first heat I then had Nicolas Akgazcyan who won the event here two years ago! I wasnt that nervous before the heat mainly because I knew I had nothing to loose, It had started howling so I rigged my 4.8 Simmer Blacktip and was full power. I sailed a solid heat making an Air flaka, cana brava, Switch flaka, puneta, funnel, shaka, no handed flaka and a double spock!! I hadnt seen any of the other guys do a double spock in Vass so I was pretty happy about that. I lost the heat on diversity and was looking through the sheets and couldnt beleive how many moves Akgazcyan had done. There was a slight mess up as the judges had all marked me down for doing two punetas instead of a puneta and a funnel! I wasnt to bothered as I think I would of have to done a lot more to beat him. I think I need to work more on doing moves on both sides in my heats to help get some diversity points.

The next day would be the last day of the event in Vassiliki before we would move to the North of the Island to Milos Beach. The forecast was epic for Vass and I knew we would have time to run the full double elimination. Just my luck however I had Bubble in the the first round!! Bubble had been knocked out by our good friend Colin Dixon in the first round the day before and because of the number of competitors it didnt matter that I had advanced a round further than Bubble in the single. Again I sailed a solid heat making all my moves but Bubble was on fire and his ability to do everything both ways gave him the advantage. I was very jelous of Colins draw and he made it all the way through to 9th place! I was working this day so I made my way back down the beach to Club Vass for the day I did manage to catch a glimpse of Bubbles heats and he was showing the boys that this was his home spot and he wasnt going to be beaten easilly. He managed to pass through some big heats taking out Scheffers, Strahlen, and Oetagui before coming up against the Israli Yarden Meir in the battle for 4th position. Unfortunately by this point Bubble was knackered and Yarden was fresh after sitting and watching all morning whilst Bubble was sailing back to back heats. It was still a very close heat but Bubble had to settle for 5th.
After the two days in Vass the we spent the last two days sitting around waiting for the gusty 5.7 weather that we have become a custom to on the north side of the island at Milos Beach however it never came...

Last week however we did score some epic conditions on the north side of the islnd one evening after work at a spot called the White church. Jay Haysey from Globalshots and I had been planning this trip for a few weeks now and knew the potential this spot had with the sun setting behind this stranded church that you can only access via the sea. The first day we sailed further up than the church pumping on my 5.4 but the next day we scored it perfect and I rigged my 5.1 and together with the other Globalshots team riders we made the downwinder towards the White Church. Jay got some amazing shots with the bright orange sky behind the church and also some good ones of me sailing right in front of the church trying to dodge the old remains of wall that had eroded around the church. Check out the Globalshots facebook page to see all the action.

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