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Monday, 26 July 2010

Vass, Matadors and now the journey to Fuerteventura!

So me and Bubble made it back to Gatwick last night and I am now currently sitting at home back in Essex. The last few weeks out in Vass have been awesome! My first week back I spent in the Dungeon that is board repair at Club Vass which was rather itchy but meant I was on top of the sailing rota everyday so got loads of time on the water and managed to land Gollitos new move the "Matador"

The last week we have had Dave White out for his legendary speed week. Check the Video out here-

It was my turn this week to take the prokidz which is always a good challenge! Most of the kids I have taught quite a lot over the last 3 years but there were still a few new faces. The group ranged from kids wanting to plane to kids learning loops and vulcans. Luckily I had an assistant so we mananaged to split the group a bit in terms of when we were teaching them which was good as i got to spend lots of with everyone in the group even though there was a big range in ability. All the kids did awesome with the lighter winds at the beginning of the week really helping get their confidence and by the end of the week all of them were planing in the harness. The two that were learning to Vulcan and loop also did really well and improved a lot.

So after a bit of a last minute panic when it came to booking some very expensive flights we are finally off tomorrow morning. My flight ended up coming in at 120 more than Bubbles when half way through boking I realised I'd forgotten my bank card so quickly biked home to get it and by the time I got back ahhhhhhh 120 pounds!! And we arent even flying direct to Fuerteventura we have to go back to Lanzarote rent a car get a ferry then drive down to Sotavento. Not complaining to much it should be good fun and this also means we get a few days after the event to hang around in the canaries.

Photos by Scott Perry

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