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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

PWA Fuerteventura

Sorry! I know Fuerteventura finished well over 2 weeks ago and I definitely should of got round to writing this update a lot sooner. However after getting blown off the water the last few days in Fuerte before returning to a very hectic Club Vass I havnt found the time.

I had high expectations going into the event after finishing in 11th the previous year. There was already some un doubt over the forecast when I arrived so I was expecting I to be not a classic Fuerte event. Fortunately it was windy enough for my heats and I sailed every one on my 4.7 North ID and Skate 89. I had just received the fit the day before I got there and I was a little bit anxious about only having 3 days to get used to it but funnily enough it must of taken all of about 2 seconds to feel instantly better on my new gear. The weight of the ID had an instant impact and I was feeling on the top of my game.

I was knocked out in the second round of the single by Yarden Meir from Israel who was sailing seriously good! Yarden is one of my favourite guys to watch sail on the tour and a great guy so I wasn’t to disappointed as I knew it would be all about the double elimination. As soon as I saw the draw I knew It was going to be a tough one! Tonky Frans had been knocked out early on in the single and I was already feeling sorry for whoever would have to face him in the double!! And guess what this time it was me!! I had to win two heats before I would face Tonky and first was Max Mattisek a very talented sailor from Austria. I had a really good heat and was feeling confident going into the next one against a good friend of mine Marco Wedele. Marco had taught me a lot of my moves over the years whilst I was out in Dahab and he is an awesome sailor so it was a bit nerve racking going up against him. Fortunately I sailed a good heat and I felt like I was going to make it into the top 16 until I remembered I had Tonky in the next round!!

As fellow commentator of mine Phil Soltysiak put it on the live streaming “ I could probably sail in now “ after watching Tonky pull off a forward loop into double flaka on his first run!! In good spirit I stayed out and put together a solid performance but It wasn’t quite enough to take down Tonky. Leaving me in 17th place!

The forecast went a bit rubbish after the first few days and it became ever likely that there wouldn’t be enough time to run another elimination which was very disappointing. In the mean time I got stuck into the commentating for PWA live tv which was great fun and I hope anyone watching enjoyed it.

For me now its back to work at Club Vass in Vassiliki and the wind has been amazing!! Got fully planing on a 2.7 kids sails!! I’ve been doing some blogging about my time out here over on so check that out for more information.

Big thanks to Danielle Lucas from for the pictures!

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