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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Jeri done for another year!

Coming back to Jeri now for the third year in a row I knew exactly what to expect and once again it didn't let me down! Just 4.2 & 4.7 and I probably could of got planing everyday in the last 5 weeks. I've been a bit slack on updating on here as I haven't had internet in the house which to be honest has been a nice change. Also when its windy everyday there didn't seem to be much more to say other than ohh windy again! The level on the water has been ridiculous as well with 10 of the top 20 in the PWA all here at one point!

A few weeks ago we had an awesome trip to Camocim which is a river mouth two hours way. I don't think its possible to find a flatter spot! I visited there last year for two days and it was epic so decided to go back for four days, which is probably about as long as I'd like to spend there. The sailing is amazing but there's not much to do compared to Jeri, its a small city and I think we must of been the only gringos in town as we were getting lots of funny looks! It was nice to get some new combos on the super flat water. Some of the local kids from the spot are absolutely ripping as well which was great to see.

Apart from that and a day trip to Lagoa Azul the majority of the trips been in Jeri. This year we rented a house that was a bit further out of town but we got a great deal on it and I would recommend doing that to anyone who's considering going for more than a few weeks as you can save loads of money compared to staying in a pousada!

I've been working on a few video projects whilst I've been here so there should be some clips on the way soon!

Fortunately the trips not quite over yet as I've just arrived in Icaraizinho for the Club Ventos press trip. I'll spend the next four days here before heading home to sunny England. There's some exciting stuff planned with the potential of a Heli-shoot which could be entertaining!

Sorry for the lack of pictures but the Internets just too slow...


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