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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Home from Vietnam!

After another stressful journey I've just made it home from Vietnam. Phil Soltysiak and I spent teo days in Saigon city on the way back which was pretty interesting, possibly the craziest city I've ever been too. 6 million people live in Saigon and 2 million drive scooters according to some un-reliable statistics!! Have got some funny video clips of Phil and I nearly getting run over by scooters on the sidewalk.
Finished the competition in 15th overall so was really happy to be in the prize money. Once the competition finished the wind seemed to completely disappear until the final day off the Slalom. We kept ourselves busy by letting off some stress in the evenings and spending most of the days relaxing in bed! We made the most of the time to do some touristy stuff as well and visited the red sand dunes and also a giant Buddha which was pretty cool! We watched the first race of the slalom on the final day before heading up the beach to check out another spot. It was worth the trip and it was only 5 minutes up the road and the conditions were amazing, we all felt like we could actually windsurf again after some relentless struggling in the chop machine!!

So just back home until Thursday before heading out to Egypt. We've got an exciting tour of the Sinai lined up so check back for all the updates/ video footage from the trip! On the way home my flight from Bangkok was delayed meaning I missed my connection flight in Berlin and suprise suprise my bags never arrived in London so hopefully Air Berlin will deliver them asap!

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