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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Egypt- Moon Beach to El Tur

After arriving in Sharm a day later than the rest of the guys the waited for me In El Tur before we headed up too Moon Beach together! Im here with Adam Sims, Josh Wilmot and Steve Thorne and the trip so far is going really well. Moon beach was an awesome spot, I sailed on my 5.9 Duke for a few days then we got a 4.7 which was sick. We've been getting loads of video footage for the up and coming production from Blacklab including some sick shots from the crane. The guys in Moon Beach really looked after us so a big thank you to them for doing so!!
These are just stills taken from the video footage! Have been landing some regular Konos again after a while of un-learning them so pretty stoked about that!

We have just arrived in El Tur and it was full power 4.7 yesterday and its looking the same today so I best get out there!

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