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Monday, 27 February 2012

Cape Town- Video+pics


Just got back from an amazing first time trip to Cape Town!! Honestly in the past when considering winter wave trips I've always been more drawn to the Idyllic perceptions of places such as Maui or Oz, however when the news came out that the PWA Vietnam event had been pushed back to December and the realisation that a lot of my friends and top freestylers would be out there it seemed like a no brainer to just head straight out to Cape Town! After hardly any planning, no car booked, no idea where I was staying and a very relaxing 12 hour flight there I was! Luckily my 3.7 had arrived hours before I was due to fly and just a few hours after landing I was already out sailing on it.

First thing you'll probably notice when looking through some of the video + pics is the massive lack of any waves!! Don't worry I didn't go all the way there to sail on the lake everyday its just not very often I get the chance to sail any waves so the thought of wasting time videoing seemed a bit dull! Plus the actions probably not quite the same level as the freestyle stuff....
Thanks to Debbie Kennedy for the shots I did get in the waves.

The month went so fast but I feel like I got the most out of it! Ticked most the boxes for all the normal tourist attractions such a climbing the mountain, wine tasting, penguins, monkeys etc!

One of things I was most excited about was getting the chance to surf again! Since buying my board seven years ago I've very rarely had the chance to get out on it. Found myself waking up most mornings more excited about the thought of getting for a surf rather than heading to the lake. Unfortunately again no action shots from the surfing as just after Andraz took this shot it started pissing with rain!! Probably for the best during this session as it would probably be better described as a "swim with a board attached to my leg" rather than a "surf"..

I definitely felt my level in sailing both freestyle and wave improved a lot! With the freestyle it helped a lot having all the top guys around. With the freestyle the main things I've been focusing on this winter is getting more consistent at the switch power moves such as Air funnels and Burners! Feeling pretty confident now after doing almost nothing else!!

All in all an amazing trip and I'm pretty certain that I'll be heading back out next year.
Massive thanks to Andraz Zan for sorting the accommodation, car etc and for the Pictures. Also Ollie Stau (the flash master) and Ricart for the other shots! Should mention Bubble, Rob P and Sam Neal for driving me around the first week. Cheers guys!

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