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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Spring 2012!

 After being pretty on it with updating my blog I’ve fell into a bit of a dry spell over the last few months. Since my last update in March time I’ve been to a PWA event, my first ever international photo shoot, driven round France, Spain and Portugal for a month and am now sat back in Vassiliki! 
The tow in event for me consisted of two massive wipeouts!! JC/PWA

 The first PWA event in Austria was a frustrating one for me this year, we only had enough to wind to run a single elimination in very tricky conditions leaving me in 17th place to start the year off.

 Straight from Austria I travelled to Egypt for the Fanatic/ North 2013 photo shoot. It was an amazing experience and is best summarised in this article I did for Boards about my time there.

Now the reason I haven’t updated about my recent trip around Europe is because I’m saving the story + pics for the printed press so didn’t want to risk giving too much away.  Within the next couple of weeks I’ll try to get the video online! Also most of the pics I've got I'm using the 2013 board which wont be released until July 15th!
Burner in Sagres, Portugal

Ok so back to the present and I’ve been out in Vassiliki now for the last two weeks working again for Club Vass. It’s been great to come back out here for what will be my sixth summer. The wind has been awesome as well and it’s been great to catch up with all my mates. Jay Haysey from Globalshots fame is back out here again this summer and he took this shot of me doing a Burner the other day.

Jay Haysey-

I also competed in the Vassiliki watersweets festival slalom event out here the other week and managed to finish in 3rd. Was great fun to do some racing as I rarely get the chance, might have to order some slalom gear for next summer!

Hopefully getting back in the swing of updating and keep an eye out for more regular updates to follow as I’m off to the PWA event in Fuerteventura  in the next few weeks.

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