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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Back home...

Jay Haysey/
Not exactly at home but I've been in England now for the past couple of weeks after yet another awesome summer out in Vass. After a tough draw in the PWA event in Fuerteventura I ended in 17th place and then quickly headed back to Vass for August. Once again I really had a great time out there and this year the wind has been even better which obviously helps a bit but really the team we had working out there this summer made the biggest difference. Check out the Vass edition of my monthly feature I write for Boardseeker-
Jay Haysey /

At first I wasn't exactly excited by the prospect of heading home but when I started writing my following months feature for Boardseeker based on the UK I started to remember what it was all about. So far it hasn't disappointed either; OK so maybe its not been quite as windy in September as the last two years but still its been pretty good. The first stop after Vass was the National Windsurfing Festival (NWF) Together with Colin "Whippy" Dixon we had a quick stop over at my house before rushing down there the following morning. It truly was another EPIC event, it was great to see so many windsurfers around and on the water. Its events like this we need to keep our sport going/growing and a massive thanks has to go out to the man behind it all Allan Cross.

Unfortunately I couldn't retain my title of the night tow-in champion at NWF and was pipped to a close 2nd by good friend Adam Sims. As for the main event we didn't quite get enough wind in our allocated time slot to get a planing competition finished. It was a hectic weekend for me as along with the competing I was also commentating/ Interviewing for the Live Streaming side of the event. Again I was paired up with Colin "Whippy" Dixon for this one and we really had a great time doing it.
Pic by Dave White.

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Jay Haysey /

I've been sailing at West Wittering four times in the last week in preparation for the 5th stop of the UKWA freestyle tour that will head there next weekend. After that I'm off to Sylt for the final PWA event of the season, fingers crossed for some wind this year. I worked out a funny statistic the other day that out the 21 days I've spent there in the last two years I've only sailed 1 heat with a total time on the water of 12 minutes!!!
Not often you get the conditions to go for Backies in Vass!!! Cheers to Scott Perry for this shot.

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