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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Austria Day 2!

Day 3 alread but didnt get a chance to update yesterday. We had a really good night on the first day of the event the place was absolutely rammed with thousands of people just coming for the party. There was some wind around 6am but everyone missed it as it wasnt forecast thats why today I am currently sitting and very cold next to the lake waiting just incase. Yesterday They did run the ramp contest in the afternoon, not many people competed just because of the risk of nailing yourself or the equipment. Steven Van Broekhoven also did some towing behind a jet ski and did an unbeleivable air flaka on the glassy flat water followed by a one handed ponch and a shaka!!!!
It could be a long day and we will probably be on hold untill this evening as the wind is forecast to switch and blow from the south.

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