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Monday, 17 May 2010

Vassiliki update!

Arrived in Vassiliki with Bubble last week. Unfortunately we had to come out a week earlier than planned as there was a mix up with flights. It wasnt the end of the world it just ment that we would miss the freestyle event in Branksome and also the wave event in Rhosneigr the weekend just gone. A little bit of peace of mind is that there wasnt any wind!!! In Vass we arrived to full power 4.2 which was sick. At the weekend we had a bit of a shock to wake up to full power 4.8 weather with waves coming in which is extremely rare for Vass! the starboard tack jumping was fun and spent a lot of time nailing myself then pulled my first planing forward of the back of a wave back into the beach. Then Jay Haysey aka Global shots came out with his camera so we started a photo sesh, unfortunately I managed to end myself on my second move infront of the camera; a massive air flaka and when I landed my knee gave way. I had to miss a day on the water but now its feeling good again.

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