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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Austria Day 3 & Pictures

Really long day yesterday and the event seems to be winding down. Most of the people are beginning to leave as the weekend is now over! The wind was blowing North westerly in the morning and was looking promising for a while however nothing materialised. The weather was still nice so me and Bubble decided to go for a Stand up paddle further up the the lake. The most exciting point in the day was a really close encounter with a swan after we went to close to its babies.
In the afternoon the freestyle tow in started, unfortunately you were only allowed to enter if you had competed in the jump ramp the day before. We took our position on the Bacardi Island to watch the action and witnessed a ridiculous culo from Steven Van Broekhoven. How he can even duck the sail with just apparent wind created from the tow in is cray. The rest of the afternoon we spent at the Red Bull tent where we got a free bbq. In the evening we went for pizza with some of the other competitors. Followed by a few small games of Beer pong on the official Zipfer tables in the Royal Captains bar. We are now sitting around in the rain waiting for some very light southerly winds that are supposed to be coming. Which will mean wobbling out in to the middle of the lake and the judging taking place from a boat! Will keep you updated tomorrow with how it all goes.

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