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Friday, 25 February 2011

Competition Day 1

So a good first day for me really! I passed my first heat against a Japanese guy Yoshida but was then up against Kiri Thode- enough said haha! Kiri was on fire and it was amazing to watch. I sailed ok in the first heat and made all my moves on the way out but struggled a bit in the chop machine coming in! After I was done for the day I joined in with the live streaming commentary with Ben Profitt which was good fun. Very hard to see all the moves in the heat and I think hopefully they could maybe do a split screen view so you have a better idea of whats going on!

I did get a sneak preview of the double elimination and somehow Bryan and I are the only ones to have a by into the next round so thats lucky! It worked out that with 6 people in 17th place and 8 people in 9th place then just two people dont have to sail the first round so pretty lucky for us! So I will get the winner of the heat between Arthur Pollet & Anthony Ruenes. Bubble is up against a Turkish guy and if he wins will then go against Bryan!

Check out the live streaming via the PWA website!

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