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Thursday, 24 February 2011


So I've been out here in Vietnam for just about a week now, on the way I stopped over in Bangkok for 3 days with Phil Soltysiak and Bryan Metcalf Perez we did the usual tourist stuff and had a crazy night celebrating Bryans birthday anyway enough said about that!!!
Its been windy all but one day so far since we arrived and the conditions are tricky to say the least. I was pretty glad to be here before the event to get tuned int the conditions but it changes quite a bit from day to day depending onthe swell, tide etc. One of the main issues is that the sand on the beach is seasonal and this year its moved earlier than normal, meaning that on part of the beach the waves are breaking into a concrete wall (the chop machine) sending chop straight back out again!!
It was pretty frustrating at first but the more people who showed up that seemed to be struggling as well definitely made me feel better for a day until the top guys showed up who dont seem to be phased at all by the chop. Gollito has been doing some insane pushloops and air chachoos of big bits of chop and Kiri is still doing all his air moves on the way in!!!
Most of the guys are here now ready for the event, we are registering tomorrow at 10am with the skippers meeting at 1:00pm and first possible start 2:00. All round there has been some brilliant stories of travel mishaps with a lot of people including myself so will be trying to compile them together and get them printed as its funny stuff! I had one of my best sessions today on my 5.4 Duke and Skate 100. The set up was amazing and I was doing shakas, ponches and air flakas no problem the sail felt so stable and I could hardly tell I was on a 5.4! The wind was a bit lighter so understandably less choppy which did help. Fortunately as well where we are keeping our gear for the event is just downwind of the chop machine so hopefully the sailing area wont be to far up the beach!!
Will start updating daily now the comps starting so check back for more info! Cheers!

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