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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The amazing windy week in England!

So after the event had finished in Poole I had seen the forecast was looking good for the south coast and was getting excited but to be honest definitely not as excited as I should of been. Having spent hardly anytime in England over the last few years especially when its been windy I now feel that I never really gave it a fair chance to show me its true potential. Now with Sylt approaching and the forecast still looking good in England for the first time I'm actually going to feel like I'm missing out!
Right so Monday morning I was still feeling pretty tired after a weekend spent pumping around on my 5.7 so I didn't want to travel to far so luckily enough my girlfriends house is only a 2 minute walk from the beach. It was high tide and it looked windy so I rigged by 5.1 and my 4.8 for her and within about half an hour I swapped down on to the 4.8! It was pretty choppy but this was good as I was keen to get some practice in ready for the messy conditions in Sylt. Most of the pictures in this post are from the session at Aldwick (near Pagham) Thanks to Gary Mercer for the shots.With Tuesday still looking good I thought it was about time I went and sailed at Nik and Ant Bakers home spot Shoreham aka Shorekipa after hearing so much about it over the years. We got there for low tide and Adam Simms was already out on the water fully powered on 4.5 I looked at Ant and commented on how sick it looked out there but he wasnt impressed with the size of the waves!! Didnt bother me too much and on my first few runs I was almost convinced I was back in Jericocoara if it wasnt for the grey skies and lack of Italians ripping up the white water It could of been. As the tide started to push it did get a bit more full on and there was some steep waves starting to appear. Wave sailing is something that Ive never really had a chance to do that much so it was good to have a go a bit of waveriding and I even made a few takas on my 90l freestyle board!! I eventually swapped for a waveboard and couldnt beleive how much time I'd wasted trying to ride on the freestyle board, unfortunately it wasnt quite forgiving enough for my dodgy takas! After completely knackering myself out it was of to Brighton for a bit of shopping! ( limp wrist was completely intentional!!!! ) After the wave session at shoreham I was keen to carry on training for Sylt and with the forecast not looking so promising I couldnt beleive my luck to wake up to yet another windy day. For low tide we headed to West Wittering to make the most out of the lagoon aka "the trench". I had never sailed Wittering in a SW before and it was unbelievable! some of the flatest water I've ever seen and it made everything too easy I think. After sailing for about two hours the lagoon was filling up so I went for a little play in the waves but soon remembered that I needed to save some energy for the afternoon session I had lined up. My girlfriend and I had been out for dinner the night before with Club Vass colleagues Ellie and Chris Muzza Murray and arranged to go somewhere with them for high tide. Unfortunately Muzza is Injured but he led us too the Esso garage spot on Hayling Island. Whils consuming a massive lunch we all packed in the van to watch the tide rise enough to reveal some more ridiculously flat water. Check out some of pictures as the sun started to drop with Portsmouth in the background!
After the session at the Esso garage I was gratefull to have a few days of before getting one more session in at my home spot West Mersea, Essex. It was pretty light but good sail with my Dad and Uncle!! About to start the drive to Sylt leaving in 5 hours so best get some sleep!

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