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Monday, 6 September 2010

SIck session back in the UK!

So arrived home last night and knew the forecast was going off so have been excited all week in Vass. Got collected last night from Gatwick in the new VW Transporter T5 which my Dad has just brought for all our windsurfing needs!
Planned to get up really early as I wanted to get two sessions in. First of all Collected my best mates Jay and Dan who both havent done much windsurfing in the last year and head to West Mersea beach where we used to sail together a lot. Rigged my 5.1 Simmer Blacktip and was fully powered up, the conditions were awesome with some really nice shaka ramps on the way out and when the tide dropped a super flat spot appeared behind one of the sandbars. Was glad to get out in the UK before the British freestyle championships next weekend in Poole as it took the edge of the nerves a bit and helped me remeber how to judge the brown chop!!!
I sailed at Mersea in the new Spartan 3/3 wetsuit with fluid lined seems and it was unbeleivable! Definitely the most flexible suit I've ever worn and was still so warm I could almost get away with using it all winter. I was just really impressed with everything about the suit down to the amazing finish on the neoprene and the super flexible seems that look amazing aswel. After the Mersea session it was off to Alton Water, one of the places I learnt to windsurf when I was growing up. I had arranged to meet proffessional windsurfing photographer Simon Crowther as he lives nearby to document the occasion. Unfortunately the wind had dropped abit by the time we arrived but I rigged my 5.7 to go out and test the conditions to see if it was worth shooting and I got planing in every gust! So Si and Jay set up Si's new lighting equipment that is rigged through remote control straight to the camera. It was hard work pumping onto the plane so close into the shore but after two hours of it and lots of arm cramp we were realy happy with one of the shots especiall considering the conditions! Hope to see it in the one of the mags soon..
Big thanks to the guys at Alton Water as they were all super helpfull!

Forecast looks like it might even be windy for Windfest so keeping my fingers crossed for next weekend!

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